Thursday, 14 October 2004

Man, have I got problems...

So, here's my personality disorders. I don't know if I agree with everything said here. I think I'm quite antisocial.

Paranoid:Moderate click for info
click for info
Schizotypal:High click for info
Antisocial:Low click for info
Borderline:Low click for info
Histrionic:Low click for info
Narcissistic:Low click for info
Avoidant:Moderate click for info
Dependent:High click for info
Obsessive-Compulsive:Low click for info

Try it out yourself


andie said...

Oh my god, and I thought I was somewhere on the normal curve... Guess not. ;)

stark said...

Hell, my wife's even more normal than I am according to this. I guess she's some sort of psychological anchor... I was wondering why I hadn't killed myself yet. *laugh* Really though, I think psychology is still a largely subjective science, although they are trying.