Monday, 22 November 2004

Many, many drops to drink...

I honestly saw a couple as I was walking to catch the train to work this morning (around 11:30 am) WINDOW SHOPPING for ALCOHOL!!! I don't know if that says something about the neighbourhood, the people, the country or what but I think that that's not a good sign. Now I'm not a drinker. But, to put it in abortion-sides lingo, I'm pro-choice rather than pro-sobriety. But I still ask : What is it with alcohol? What is it that draws people so (almost) universally? Is it the taste? I personally don't like the taste, but many people say they've always liked it. Is it that people like to get drunk? I don't think this applies to you after high school and college. Is it that it takes away a little bit of consciousness, a little bit of responsibility? Makes it a little easier to deal with or at least forget your problems? Maybe, although sometimes this backfires, of course. I think that it's more along the lines of it being so socially expected. To drink is to belong. It's almost mandatory when participating in any activity related to entertainment that alcohol be involved somehow. There's the standard, "Want to go out for a drink?" that's synonymous with 'taking it easy' or having a good time. People like to drink because other people expect them to like to drink. What do you think? Do you drink? (Man, that started to sound really Dr. Seussy at the end there.)


tursachan said...

Hmmm. Let me be the first to answer you, despite the fact that you live with me and you know about my alcohol consumption habits.

I shall continue your Dr. Seuss theme.

Do I drink?
Why, yes, I drink.
A couple drinks a year, I think.
I do not drink to "pass" at parties.
I am not one to "party hearty".

So, yes, I'll drink a few mixed drinks,
But not enough for sick-in-sink
I drink because I like the taste.
(Disgusting drinks are awful waste).

Would I drink a cup of beer?
Would I drink it, far or near?
I would not drink it, far or near,
For beer is not my taste, I fear.

Okay, enough of that!

I don't drink to get drunk, although I have once just to see what being drunk was like. On those rare occasions when I DO drink, I drink for the taste of my girly little mixed drinks or red wine. I may also drink for the relaxation that it provides, since I tend to be social but uptight.

Actually, I drink because you MAKE me. You're always pushing me to drink more and more, because you love to drink, right? Just kidding!

Hope I answered your questions at least semi-suitably.

Sincerely (and faintly sarcastically),
Your loving wife,
Melanie Noel Moffett Thomas

andie said...

*laugh* I know what you mean. I mean, I've tried, seriously, to get used to alcohol. I've kept telling myself that maybe it's really just an acquired taste. Nope. Never acquired it. I tried putting some in my apple juice a couple of weeks ago during a "rough period." It only made me feel worse. Now I had an icky taste in my mouth and I started to smell like a lab experiment. Yes, really, what is it with alcohol?

(P.S. It is quite a thing, though, just keeping a half-empty bottle of gin in the fridge you share. Scares the roommates away. :) )