Thursday, 25 November 2004

Looking down on the common cold...

Had to go to work sick yesterday. Just had a little bit of a sore throat and a headache but I'm the only librarian working in the Cyber Center these days and I'm the boss so I don't really have a choice. It got worse over the course of the day so I'm damn glad that it's Thanksgiving Day today and the library's closed. God bless Americans and their weird Thanksgiving!

I guess I just have a cold. I was (and still am) under the impression that it's best not to treat a cold. Although it's a myth that experiencing the symptoms of a cold helps you get over a cold, if given a choice I'd rather not take anything. It just seems to me that since the cold's not gonna kill you or have any lasting effects, "suffering" through the cold can make it easier to deal with the symptoms the next time or at least make you appreciate the times when you're not sick more. Also, since I have no knowledge of what's in those little pills, so unless I really must have instant relief and I can't afford to be sick at the time, why take any risk just for a little bit of comfort?

What do you think? What do you do when you've got a cold?


andie said...

I've always wondered about that, I mean the 'cold' thing. Is that any different with just the sniffles or is it actually like the flu already? 'Cause when you say 'cold' here, that's absolutely no excuse at all. "Bring a hanky," they say, "but go to school."

andie said...

Ooh, did I tell you already that I read "In Circles" about a couple of months ago? That was nice SF. A good idea that kind of makes you want to snicker sinisterly or something. Hee. :)