Thursday, 9 December 2004

Call me Mr. Kotter...

Wow. Well, although I haven't written in a while, you haven't missed much. Massively busy with my new job. Time for almost nothing else. Still kinda sick, which blows.

Went back to Canada for a couple of days with the family. Visited my parents' new house : a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Met my brand new little niece : so tiny and so pretty... my kids' are still cuter though! *laugh* Saw my brother's new house : small and needs work... Still jealous, sitting here in my stupid cramped apartment. *sniff* And it was just good to be back in the land of my birth. I missed... the chocolate bars and other treats I can't get here in the NYC area.

As part of my work, I had to take a bunch of pictures of the library and some staff. I borrowed my boss' digital camera and took a bunch of pictures here and there and everywhere. I'll post them in a little gallery some time soon (or not soon).

Well... back on the horse.


Phalen said...

Dang it, Matt! Will you please update thy Blog!! I need a reason to live vicariously.

andie said...

Hahah. :) Sibling rivalry.