Monday, 27 December 2004

Who's been sitting in my chair...

Just came back from another trip to Canada yesterday. Went for a whole week. You know, I never really like being away from home. It's good to see new things and all but I like the comfort and security of having all my stuff with me and knowing where everything is and being (sorta) the boss and all. I always feel kinda guilty being in some one else's home, never knowing if this is the way they like to do things, not knowing where everything is, feeling like I should be doing something to help to balance out my using up their stuff. Even if it's my parents' place. So, it's good to be back. Well, not really. My wife and kids stayed behind for another week or so to have a little more time off and so that my mother can see her grandkids for a little bit longer. I miss them. But it's good to get some sleep. *sniff*

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