Monday, 15 November 2004

These shoes were made for buying...

Finally got a new pair of shoes. Docs, of course. I got them on Saturday (along with a haircut) at a cool little store in the East Village called 99x. This is the first day I'm really wearing them and of course they hurt hUrT HUrT HURT!!!!! But that is the price you pay. They will eventually become the most comfortable shoes in the world, but I've got to "train" them first. I really have to buy these shoes anyway because, and I don't know why but, I go through shoes like a hot knife in butter. My last Docs lasted a little over a year and they were totally destroyed. Of course, any other brand would have been done in a matter of months. I had a pair practically disintegrate after only 30 days!

Moral of the story : Ow. I'm happy now.


Anonymous said...

You should get yourself a nice pair of Canadian combat boots.

Still got mine from basic training and they're still going stong.

- You know who this is.

stark said...

I can't afford that price!

Plus, they gotta look goooooood... *laugh*