Thursday, 24 March 2005

Eat the consumers...

I sat across from two women on the subway today showing each other baby gifts they had bought, supposedly for some mutual friend or relative's child. (They spoke Spanish, and although I have lived in the New York area for over 4 years now, I have not picked up enough to understand.) These were obviously for some newborn or young child (the presents were two tiny bibs and tiny sandles) and yet these people had to buy their gifts at the World of Disney and the Gap respectively. WHY?!?! Why obviously spend money in those two stores when you could get just the same quality at a cheaper store. Baby things DO NOT LAST. That child will burst out of those shoes faster than cat in a open cage. They'll be lucky to get use them more than a half-dozen times. And the bibs... when a baby is big enough to make a mess when eating, one of those tiny little bibs will be like a sponge holding back the mighty Mississippi!

Not to mention that they were really really tacky. Anyway.

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