Friday, 25 March 2005

Ol' Melon Head...

Although I'm a librarian, I do watch TV. It seems like everyday I hear some disparaging remark about TV, how horrible it is, how mindless it is, what a waste of time it is. An that's all true. For the most part. Yes, the majority of TV is garbage. But there is great stuff on TV. I know I don't have to defend this to everyone, but you know who you are who need to be convinced. I'm talking to the onees that blame TV for almost everything, from the low literacy of our people to the violence we see everyday (on the TV). And of course, it doesn't help. It could, but at the very least, you can't say that it is the only culprit or even the major culprit.

I put the blame on us. You could watch the most boring/disgusting/useless crap on TV (choose which adjective you like) but if we only TALKED about it more it might actually become useful. Even bad input can ba made good if it leads to discussion and consideration of alternatives and relection on what we do and think. Good can come from bad. You just have to put some muscle into it, people! Hustle!

Whaddya think?

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