Monday, 28 March 2005

Movie Knights...

Watched three movies over the weekend! (I got a bunch of work done too. Get off my back.)

Mystery Men: This was on cable and I hadn't watched it in a while. Always a fan of superheros, This is a good homage/parody to the superhero/comic book movie, being funny and action-y as well. I always like Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo is a class act, but the real star of this movie is William H. Macy. One thing that really impresses me about this movie is that it includes an interracial marriage and (here's the impressive part) it is NOT part of the plot. It just is. So many movies seem afraid to do this unless it's a vital part of the story but Mystery Men has and presents it as the most normal thing in the world. Which it is.

Fahrenheit 9/11: Borrowed this from the library on a whim. (Usually it's too time consuming to battle my way through the crowds and the cramped room just to borrow a movie.) Very good. Not as controversial as everyone was saying. Hell, I've heard most of it all before and if I didn't it wasn't a surprise. And I don't really blame the government for the stupid things they do. That's human nature. If any of us were in the government, we'd would be doing exactly the same stupid things. This is the way we work. We're lazy, short-sighted, and selfish. Even when we try not to be. The government works in pretty much the same way as every large corporation. All the little people think all the big people are idiots and they could do better. Then they become the big people and the cycle continues. The big thing that bothered me was that one of the senators or congressman or whatever said that they don't read the bills. Now, that comes across like a teenager saying he/she doesn't do his/her homework. Not a surprise but rather disappointing. The worst was that he was aghast at the suggestion that they would be expected to read every bill. Maybe if the bills were a little less complicated and better thought through and actually read, everything would work a little better. Pah! You wish.

Bruce Almighty: Also a whim from the library. Funny movie. As most Jim Carrey movies are. Although some people might be tempted to dismiss (or devotedly watch) this as a religious movie (cuz' he talks to and becomes God), I think it has a bigger message. (Yes, sometimes you can get a moral in a comedy.) As trite as it is, we should all try to be a little less ready to place blame. We have free will (or at least it seems like we do) and we use it everyday (or at least we think we do). That means we take responsibility for the things we do. Think before you do. Think after you do. Think while you do. Just think. Your brain might hurt for the first few weeks, just like when you're in the hospital and you don't use your legs for a while. But you'll get your balance. And when you do, I'll see you out on the track. Running. Not being a hurdle for others.


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andie said...

I can't seem to be able to comment on your latest entry (re: people today have no imagination, hence we are doomed), so I'm just posting here. I think that's the price they all now (well, we all now) have to pay for hastily casting science fiction writers aside, don't you think? I mean, Arthur C. Clarke's credited for the communications satellite, and I just read recently in the afterword of his "2060: Oddysey Three" that it seems like he's also come up with the principle of cold fusion first. We really shouldn't just pass over all of science fiction as "Star Wars." But you know that. :)