Tuesday, 7 June 2005


Just read "Fresh styles for web designers" by Curt Cloninger. A very interesting book providing 10 current styles of web site/page design to provide information and inspiration to designers not wishing to emulate the standard Microsoft/Yahoo boxy style. The ten styles are:

  1. Gothic Organic
  2. Grid-based Icon
  3. Lo-Fi Grunge
  4. Paper Bag
  5. Mondrian Poster
  6. Pixelated Punk Rock
  7. SuperTiny SimCity
  8. HTMinimaLism
  9. Drafting Table / Transformer
  10. 1950s Hello Kitty

providing several examples, original artists (if applicable), and technical tips on some of the more difficult aspects of the design.

Compared to many other web design books, this is an incredibly valuable tool indeed, not only because of the examples, names and tips listed above but because the style, graphics and passion provided by the author really inspires designers to think beyond the everyday formats seen repeated everywhere on the Internet.

Damn! Now I've got to redesign my site again!


andie said...

So, does your current design fall under any of those 10? Does mine?

stark said...

I don't know. Mine's pretty simple. Maybe a cross between the grid-based one and the HTminimalism one. As for your's: cross between gothic organic, mondrian poster, and hello kitty. My new one's gonna be pure GothOrg, man, ALL THE WAY!!! WOOOOOO!!!!