Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Special days...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... God it's good to be in my own house! Woohoo!!! We're sleeping on an air mattress, we've got no living room furniture save a camp chair or two, and I can't find a thing... but I feel like a king in a castle! It's great. We've got so much more to do: finish painting my son's room (that Star Command Blue or whatever it's called is a little brighter than we thought), start on our room, buy things as fast as our budget will allow, etc. but it's all great.

Celebrated a colleagues wedding shower at work yesterday. We got talking about other showers and weddings and stuff and it reminded me of when I got married. I loved it. Not all of it (that stupid DJ didn't play anything I wanted) but pretty close. I guess it could have been better, by some standards, but I was happy and I had a good time. My wife wants to do it again and that sounds cool, but just because it would be nice to do... not because we "failed" the last time. You got that! *laugh*

My daughter is starting school today. My wife walked her to her new school when I went to wait for the bus to go to work. Since I work at Queen's University and my daughter's got to do "work" at school, we're both going to school and both going to work! No, she didn't find that joke all that funny either. Anyway.


andie said...

Ack! That is the life. :) You sound so happy and contented yet excited at the same time it's not hard feeling jealous, but it's not hard feeling happy for you either.

stark said...

Yeah. It's all cool. I even like going to work in the morning (Ok, you can hate me now.) - I don't like actually getting out of bed (the air mattress is rather low) - but going to work is good.