Monday, 14 November 2005

The little things...

I just got asked (and successfully answered) one of those questions that librarians love to answer. The student approached the desk with a large zippered pouch, pointed to the part of the zipper you hold on to, and asked what it was called. Beautiful. Although not necessarily an authoritative source, I found a web site to an American zipper manufacturer that had a list of definitions of zipper parts. (It's called the "pull tab" by the way.)

In other news, I've started exercising again: just a little jogging, push-ups and sit-ups in the morning. Not anything too strenuous. I almost killed myself last time I tried, so... babysteps, babysteps.

And the family and I went walking around downtown Kingston yesterday (it was only a little rainy) to check out the interesting shops: some authentic "world goods" stores, book stores, and toy stores. Pretty cool.

Nothing else? How about you? What was YOUR weekend like? Anything bordering on the illegal?


Anonymous said...

nothing illegal THIS weekend!!

I think we are having a family party for your dad, mike and trianna on the 26th.. we will see


--Your favourite sister in law

Dan said...

Hi Matt.

Yes, baby-steps are important when beginning to exercise. I suggest that you set small goals every week with the jogging, so you slowly increase the duration and the exercise.



stark said...

fav sis-in-law: Nothing illegal? Boring. The family party sounds cool. Someone will have to come and get us though...

Dan: You're absolutely right. I tried jogging several times before but I always started with too much and quit too quickly. This time I might actually keep it up!