Monday, 13 February 2006

The fun stuff...

Another busy weekend... Among other things I had to go out and buy Valentine's Day stuff. Blech! Ew, yuck, girls! *laugh* Actually, I just got a few little things for my family. And of course, I had to get stuff for my daughter's friend's birthday, the third party she's been invited to in a month! My daughter is the "student council president" of her senior kindergarten class! (By that I mean she's popular... pluh.)

I'm avidly reading Jordan's "The Great Hunt". It's much better that the first book. Much more discovery of powers and importance than the first book, which is all secrets and suspense. I HATE suspense. Well, not "hate". But I'm rereading this series because I enjoyed reading it before and want to "get back to that place" with all the characters. They are so long and yet so interesting that there are large parts I don't remember. Honestly, I might not have even read them in my rush to see what was happening next! I'm reading slower now, getting everything, but it really kills me when they are just building to things. I want ACTION! I want monsters attacking and wizards a'wizardin' and fighter's fightin'! It's coming. A dozen or so books from now, but it's coming. *laugh*

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