Friday, 17 February 2006

Oh my...

Well, it's been an exciting day already!

My daughter's still sick (we took her to see someone the other day but they said she only had a cold despite the long-lasting fever she's had). Her temperature's gone down quite a bit now but now she seems to have an ear infection! I guess we'll have to take her back.

Soon after I got to work, the scaffolding on the hospital next door fell down with a loud crash! No one was hurt and nothing was damaged as far as I could see. They knew it would probably happen -- they had people blocking off the streets and the police were hanging around -- and it was very VERY windy. Not a surprise.

Then, while we were all rushing over to see what the loud crash was and to see the crumpled scaffolding, I noticed there was a bullet hole in the glass of one of the study rooms! Well, maybe not a bullet hole... It was probably just a small rock from a tire of a car driving by (we're next to a small but rather busy road). But the expert opinion (one of the maintenance guys come to look at it) said it could be a pellet gun shot. But it looks like it's been there for a while.

So it's been a fascinating day so far... I hoping it will get much more boring and therefore much more productive as the day progresses.

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