Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Teaching, working, sleeping...

I wasn't going to post today just because I'm so busy and so tired/stressed but I figured that is the best time to write something down about your life, right?

Well, I've been really busy doing a lot of things here and there, for work and not. Most importantly, I've been working on my IM presentation for EOSET 2006 (I love making PowerPoint presentations!), preparing my application for that position (which my calendar just now reminded to get back to!), trying to get through this book I'm trying to write a review about ("World Libraries and the Information Superhighway" or something), and managing all the IM reference training/info/advice/writing things I've fallen into (which I love but am trying to wade through among all my other things). It's good to be busy. As long as it doesn't kill you.

I just came back from a session on "Clinical Teaching" which although doesn't (and won't) apply to be directly, was certainly helpful in terms of any teaching situation, and getting to know the people, procedures, and concepts involved (which helps me in my job as a health sciences librarian helping just those people involved in those procedures find information pertaining to those concepts). It's great and I know I'm welcome and do get something out of it, but sometimes it's difficult being in that situation, being the only one not directly involved with what everyone else is involved with, being the only librarian (an occupation misunderstood by many), being new to this side of the academic world. I know I belong but it's still difficult.

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