Friday, 24 March 2006

Our agenda for today...

Read this and consider: Are these people high?

First of all, connecting the concept of homesexuality and explicit sexuality together as if to make them equivalent in some way despite there own definitions of each... Are they blind or just stupid? I can't even think of a way to justify this line of thinking. And I'm a philosopher! I can usually come up with something! *laugh*

Secondly, as usual, let' not ask the librarians, the trained professionals when it comes to issues related to books and information and the like. Let's just run headlong into judgement and bills and insults with our narrow little view of ethical conduct, the nature of human behavior and learning, and respect for the truth.

And finally, Libraries are "'usurping the role of parents' unless they segregate some materials"? "The American Library Association is out to sexualize our children." Does Sally Kern have any connection with reality at all? Segregating materials based on non-objective allegedly-moral grounds is NOT usurping the role of parents? Aren't parents supposed to be the ones in charge of their kids ethical upbringing? And the second quote is just too silly to even discuss. It's like saying conservatives are trying to kill us all! It's just sensationalist. However much one side may believe outrageous extremist claims like this, all it does is scare people and avoid dealing with issues in a rational and mature manner.

I have have seen no evidence of the apparent threatening "homosexual agenda" but things like this really make me think that there is some sort of heterosexual agenda for some people.

Here's the bill.

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andie said...

Ooh, again with sex, fascinating sex! It really is starting to feel like it's a grand, big misdirection for something else they don't want us to see, hahah. Sorry, leftovers of last years Foucault readings. :D