Wednesday, 22 March 2006


It's cold this morning. It takes like 1 minute to walk from the shuttle bus that drops me off at the old main entrance of Kingston General Hospital to the Botterell Hall and Bracken Library next door and yet my hand nearly froze off talking on the phone as I walked it. Maybe I'm ust getting to be a wuss. Maybe I should go on a survival/camping trip or something. *laugh*

I like this getting to work a little before I have to. It gives me time to get settled and check my personal email before getting down to business. I was always really early at Queens Public in NYC. I had to take a commuter train and the subway, taking at least an hour and a half, and so I had to leave especially early just in case anything happened along the way to cause a delay. I left on the train before the train before the train that would get me there right on time. So, usually I was like an hour early to work. But working here in Kingston, I was taking my daughter to school which, if everything went smoothly would give me JUST enough time to get to work on time. Now that they closed the lot that I was parking in I have to go to the free parking lot on campus and take a shuttle bus which makes it impossible to take my daughter to school but gives me an extra 15-20 minutes before work.

I wish I was a morning person. It's so nice and quiet and crisp in the morning. Especially winter or early spring mornings. Very nice. But I have a bad habit of staying in bed until the very last minute before I'd have to rush around getting everything done. I would love to be able to read or jog or relax in the morning before work. I was jogging and exercising for a while but that's been lost for a while now. I should get back to it but it's sooooo nice to sleep... Stupid sleep.

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