Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Random Tidbits...

Sat in on part of a teleconference on "Library terms that Users Understand" (see here) but really it was mostly about terms that users do not understand or misunderstand. Examples: reference, database, resources, catalog, journal, etc. Issues: fine line between getting people to the information and losing the accuracy that these words necessitate.

Interesting simple site on the new Batgirl (who is eminently cool). Go here.

Still liking Jordan's "Shadow Rising". (Rand just took out all the bad guys in the Stone of Tear in one fell swoop!)

Stuck on a Sudoko problem!!! Arggghhhh!!!

Money's tight. Got any to spare?

And everyone should get out there and publish stuff! We need more information! Yeah!

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andie said...

"Library Terms That Users Understand" hahah. It is confusing, though. -_-