Monday, 17 April 2006

Some good, some bad...

I think my interview day went well. I certainly did the best I could have done: nothing said that I would have changed and nothing that I missed mentioning. And it was fun too. I got to give a presentation on an interesting topic : Web 2.0 and Library 2.0. And I got to meet with people in the library and discuss some interesting issues and ideas with them. I don't know if I got the job (should find out before the end of the month) but it was fun regardless.

Of course, now I've got to apply for another position in the libary: Continuing Teacher Education Reference Librarian, Education Library. Another temporary position (this time two years) but it would definitely be interesting to work in the education library in this position: not only does it have a big web development component but my experience teaching, developing lesson plans and other instructional resources, and taking courses with teaching faculty enough to really see librarianship as another form of teaching have built up an interest and passion for the field of education as well. Wish me luck!

I'm reading about "net neutrality". (Get ready for some naive idealism.) It really strikes me as sad how everything good in this world has to be fought for and how often good loses. Anyway... This time we have to worry that the huge telecommunications corporations are going to create tiers of service for those who want to put content on the web. Sounds great in that it will theoretically make it better for some content to be accessed (e.g. streaming video) but will probably end up making it only easier for those with the big bucks. Again, the little guy will be left in the cold. And on the Internet of all places: the famed democratic solution to all our information problems. The idea of network neutrality (keeping it all to one tier) is being defended by some powerful players like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft but attacked by equally powerful players like Verizon, BellSouth and (in a bizarre situation of conflict of interest) Microsoft. Let's cross our fingers and hope that evil doesn't win this one.

I'm still reading Wheel of Time, book 5, "Fires of Heaven", having reached a point near the beginning where Rand is really settling in learning how to channel, and Nynaeve and Elayne have escaped their capture by the Yellow Ajah 'eyes and ears'. Not much more. I've put a request in for the next book in the series but KFPL may provide some problems getting a copy what with several unavailable and a few holds before mine. [And this list of questions answered is fascinating.]

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