Sunday, 5 November 2006


Robot and Inventor
Originally uploaded by mjthomas43.
At the last minute my wife and I decided to change the Halloween costumes for our kids and therefore had to design, collect and put together everything in one night. I think it turned out all right... (Robot on the left and robot inventor on the right.)

Finally got our tax return back... And we bought a brand new computer!!! We have NEVER had a new computer... always had to make do with a second-hand, several year old machine. Also, our old machine is still functional (monitor may need to be replaced soon) so now I can get the rest of my family off my back... LOL I can let them use one computer and do my own work (or net-surfing or game-playing) on the other! Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Hah, Max is so cute, and Zoe looks like she is on a mission of some sort.

Hope they racked up a lot of candy... YUM


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!!

Really cute pics, thanks for sharing.