Saturday, 28 October 2006

Ups and downs...

I've been sick... I actually took a couple days off work last week and anyone who knows me knows that I have to be pretty sick to do that.

I just came back from wrangling my son... I guess he's a little tired but doesn't want to sleep. My wife's taking a nap and keeping him quiet and away from her door is damn near impossible. I tried playing with him on the couch, flinging him up and down, which was making him laugh a little but mostly just pissed hm off. Of course, taking him outside onto the sun porch and holding him and spinning, practically the same motion, made him laugh and giggle and calm right down. Kids are weird. Now he's sitting quietly in his high chair watching TV, hopefully about the nod off for a little while.

Related to my problem with accepting any job given to me at work is my tendency to think up a million projects for myself that would be really cool to do but, taken as a whole list, are so imposing that I end up doing nothing. I am trying to make that change although I now have approximately 9 things to write and "publish" in one way or another so I'll have to sit down and really plan out how I will get them all done. I'd better go and stop procrastinating.

[Oh yeah, and I'm currently listening to Chris Martin's "Vertical Horizon".]

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that your feeling better. :)