Sunday, 8 October 2006

My weaknesses...

Finally finished reading "Knife of Dreams" by Robert Jordan, Book 11 of the Wheel of Time series. Whew. Great series. Now I just have to wait for book 12... (Which is apparently the end. Damn.) I don't know what I'm going to read next. Probably something to review.

Work's been good but busy. I know what my "weakness" is: I have a tendency to accept any job given to me. I can't say no. And not because I'm too polite. Assignments given to me always appear really easy to me so I say "yeah sure, no problem" and inevitably it turns out to be a little more work that I expected. To solve this problem, I'm trying to be able to judge workload more accurately and earlier so that I know when I should "just say no".

Back in my September 27th entry, I mentioned that Quicken was useless. I've gone back to storing, classifying and summarising our spending in Excel. Quicken may be a great tool for some people, but some of the things I need to know about our money, Quicken either does not do, or does it in an overly complicated bizarre way. I'm not an accountant, but I was a math major (for a year and a half *laugh*) and I understand how averaging and adding works *laugh* but sometimes I don't think the makers of Quicken Cash Manager did. So I make do with Excel. Actually I really like Excel. I've probably said that before. I've probably said it several times before... It's a little work any time something substantially changes but it's actually much better for me than STOOPID QUICKEN!

Another thing I tend to repeat is that I am SO a librarian... I like music. I wish I could write music. I bet I could but... anyway, the point is is that I like a variety of music genres (electronica, classic rock, classical, retro 80s, etc.) and so I collect as much of it as possible. I've taken much of my CD collection and ripped it so I can access it from my computer (I hate physical 'things' LOL) but so much of my music files are in an "unsorted" folder because I can't consider it all sorted until I've gone through it all, one-by-one, and made sure it's the right song, that the title/artist/genre fields are all filled in accurately, and the file names are consistent. I do this with everything. I wanted to save some pages from a book of "Outdoor projects" but instead of just photocopying them, I had to scan them, convert them to PDF, and fill in the title/subject/source properties accurately and consistently. Yeah... meta-data rules!

[Currently listening to "Chromakey Dreamcoat" by Boards of Canada. Although from Scotland, not Canada, this song really makes me think of those Film Board of Canada vignettes that used to be on TV.]


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Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mattvia,

When are you going to post a new entry. I think I pretty much now know what your two weaknesses are. :-P :-)

Have a great day,