Saturday, 30 September 2006


I'm getting behind on my reading!!! I've set out 50 pages a day for me to read (other than for work), which is a lot considering all the other things on my schedule but I should be able to knock it off especially since I'm reading fiction right now (book 11 of the Wheel of Time). The 50 pages is tentatively for non-fiction as well but that's yet to be seen. But I'm still getting behind. I'm going to bed at 10 tonight to try to catch up.

My parents visited today: my dad retired as of Friday so the visit was sort of to kick off his new freedom. That is, until he finds some other job or work to do. My 2yo son LOVES my dad and is always excited to see him. I mean, he's pretty easy-going, my son is, and gets along with pretty much everyone (even my grandfather who has a tendency to scare small children, LOL) but he can just think we MAY see my dad and he starts running around yelling "PAPA!". He's a riot.

We had a friend of my daughter's and her older sister stay over last night (NOT a regular thing... her parents had a wedding to go to and their regular sitter couldn't cover it) and all I have to say is that I'm GLAD we only have one girl. *flashbacks of my daughter's birthday party -- with half a dozen of the little darlings -- mixing in with fake memories of 'Nam*

Oh. If you are ever near Kingston, and you need some fruit and/or vegetables... Produce Town is the answer. Great selection, great store, great prices! Woah. (Yes. I am now both a father and an adult, and as such can rave about my favourite grocery establishments. Don't look at me like that! *sticking my tongue out in a rather childish way*)

[Currently listening to "It feels nice" by Mysterymen. Smooth.]

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