Wednesday, 27 September 2006

No "money for jam"...

I was writing down some notes so I wouldn't forget what has happened over the week and I wrote down "BLOG" and then the initials of my site name: "JAM". Get it? Blog Jam? What a great name for a site! (Damn. Somebody already thought of the phrase!)

It was really a party week: my son's number 2 birthday (well, really number three, technically) on Friday, a housewarming barbecue for some coworkers (good food, some new people, but crazy kids - mine of course!), and then driving my daughter to the birthday party of a friend from school. And then, of course, the party in my wife's mouth: she had her wisdom teeth removed. What a week. It would have been much better if money wasn't so damn tight. I don't know what the problem is. We don't spend frivolously, I have a decently paying job... I think we just don't track it well enough and little bits get wasted here and there. I try to budget and track and record everything but after months of storing everything in Excel (awesome) or Quicken (useless), I get lazy and forget to really think about where everything's going.

I don't mean to say that we're poor. It's just that all our money is well "ear-marked" before it pops into our account. *laugh* But we make up for it with the joys of looking through stores for things we wish we could afford, the thrill of wondering whether I'll have enough gas to get me to work for the week, the excitement of wasting money on the occasional but still depressing "good luck" lottery ticket, and the pleasures of worrying about everything connected with spending money. WeeeeeeeeHACK! When will this roller coaster of FUN ever stop??? Hopefully around the time I get a second job?

Well, back to trying to sort our crap!

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