Thursday, 21 September 2006


It's been a difficult year. We moved here because I got a temporary position at Bracken Library (maternity leave replacement), hoping that I would find something more permanent in that year. I applied to the Web Development Librarian position and got rejected, the Continuing Teacher Education Liaison Librarian position and got rejected, and the Training Librarian position (at the public library) and got rejected. I am really grateful for Bracken for making a new 12 month position for me and I love working there but I really need to find something permanent here! It's getting very frustrating.

The family and I went to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre here on campus, by invitation (since I'm kinda new faculty again). It was pretty neat: my daughter got to play with some clay and make some art, while the rest of us wandered around the gallery, looking at some interesting, classic, or beautiful art. Since he's just starting to know some basic words, I asked my almost-2 year old son what some of the less identifiable objects were. It's kinda revealing about how he sees the world.

I discovered a cool new musical artist: Master Higgins. Electronic, groovy and fun!

Tuesday was a very busy day: I went to a "Focus on Foundations" session called "The Scholarship of Teaching", a webcast on Google Scholar by Karen Hunt, and taught two groups of students about finding journal articles in pharmacology specifically.

Today, as I was waiting for the bus, it started to rain. I had my emergency umbrella of course (boy scout that I am) but I didn't use it. It wasn't raining that much and it made me think about a Calvin and Hobbes strip that I had just read, about Calvin being impatient and his father talking about how sometimes it's good to have something to wait for, that it's good to use the time to just sit and think and appreciate the world around you. I "appreciated" the rain. For a little while. Then my hair started to get too wet and I gave in. *laugh*

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