Saturday, 16 September 2006

Busy two weeks...

We actually got to go to Canada's Wonderland last weekend. It was perfect weather too: it rained in the morning, pretty much entirely while we were driving there and then cleared up when we got there. As a result, the park wasn't as crowded as it could be. We rode almost all the rides, and of course had to get funnel cake -- excellent as usual. I really enjoyed the Tomb Raider lying down one and the Cliffhanger, slowly turning us upside down, was pretty awesome (it was the only one I took my glasses off for, which was pretty good because someone had lost their glasses from the group before us). It got a little cold late in the day so we skipped a few of the wussier rides and left early, stopping at East Sides in Bowmanville before going back to Mike and Jessica's.

I got a glowing rejection letter from KFPL. It said they "were impressed with [my] qualifications" so hopefullly, if push comes to shove and I apply for something else there, I'll be a shoo-in. I have mixed feelings: it's always disappointing to get a rejection and I know I would have loved the job and did well, but I'm certainly glad to stay at Bracken for the time being. And my boss baked me a cake when he heard so it's all good.

I had a busy day particularly today: I washed the car (perfect day for it), cut the lawn (with a non-powered push mower, it's good exercise, unless it kills me), and watered everything that needed it (since it's a even day). And I had all this time to kill because I finally finished both Age of Mythology campaigns! Yay for me!

About the kids: Zoe is becoming either the genius of the class or a consistent teacher's pet -- she's been "leader" several days in a row (what a great teaching trick), and she recently came home with a "recognition certificate" for "great book writing and helping all her classmates" which she apparently received at an assembly they had that day (12 Sep). And Max, not to be outdone, is learning new words all the time (e.g. "puddle", names of food at Produce Town, "button" (which apparently means chewable vitamin), "star" (but loudly pronounced "DOW"), etc.). And of course, regularly, easily getting out of his high chair, and getting INTO everything else. He's not supposed to be terribly two until the 23rd! LOL

Well, I re-borrowed "Introduction to Reference Work in the Digital Age". I had to return it because I had renewed three times already (the limit) but didn't start reading it until about a week before it was due. There's some pretty good stuff in here. I don't know why I didn't start "studying" these regular topics before. Thanks Books! I love ya! Oh yeah, and I'm finally reading Robert Jordan's "Knife of Dreams", the final book so far in the Wheel of Time series.

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Glad everything is going great.

Have a good week.