Monday, 4 September 2006

Here I am...

Yes. I'm back. I've decided to post here only about once a week. Other people do it! What? Stop looking at me!

Just finished reading an article on "Live Skepticism" (called "When a skeptical hypothesis is live" by Bryan Frances) so here's a brief description to prove (to myself) that I actually read it and understood a little of it (it's been a while reading actual philosophy and I'm a little out of practice): basically it's skepticism ("you don't really know anything") that allows knowledge of a practical kind -- saying you know something when you're not aware of or talking in the context of possible "live" theories saying that you don't know it. For example, I'm talking to the cashier at the grocery store describing the hat that I think I may have lost and I say, "It is green". Despite a "Colour Error Theory" that claims that the hat is not green, that "green" really only exists in my perception of the hat, I can "know" that it's green because Colour Error Theory is not really my concern right now, and the cashier can "know" that it is green because they aren't aware of Colour Error Theory. (Sorry Bryan if I misrepresented the concept.) Interesting, but I think it still rubs me the wrong way. Let me think on it...

I cleaned the car today: why DO they put so many nooks and crannies in cars?!?!?! Did they mean for there to be enough crap collected between my seat and the gear shift to grow a small garden??? I don't recall asking for that option when I bought it!

I think I did really well at my KFPL interview on Thursday. I enjoyed talking with them and learning about the position. Although I was a bit nervous during the presentation -- I wasn't entirely pleased with it -- I think I did ok. It would be a really fun job to have and I think I would do it well. Fingers crossed.

My wife and I planned on going to Canada's Wonderland and/or at least spend some time together over the weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not meant to be. But it will happen. Dammit, it will. (Hear the sound of my fist hitting my palm?)

Kids are great. My little almost-2 year old son had a great time playing with an ice cube today. I gave him a little bowl to put it in when his hands got cold, and he picked it up, squeezed it in his little fist, rubbed it on his belly, and sucked on it until it melted away to nothing. What a nut. *laugh*

Dammit! I just remembered that I forgot to water the garden today like I planned! Our stupid city (actually rather reasonable) has ruled that even numbered houses (like ours) can only water on even numbered days. They'll have to wait until Wednesday now, but of course, I'll be back at work then. There ain't enough hours in the day... Maybe if I stopped playing "Age of Mythology" for two seconds I might find a few more hours... Nah.

(And no, I'm not going to mention Steve Irwin. Sad though.)

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Tracy said...

Interesting blog. Nice to find someone that can READ here in cyber space.