Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Expressing our artistic side online...

Re: Free Photoshop beta launches online from USATODAY.com.

A couple of weeks ago, Adobe Photoshop (gawd love 'em) went online. Or at least a version of it. Totally free. At least for now. Stemming from their awesome, but complicated to use photo editing software, and their interest in not being left behind in the whole web-based software game, they've created Photoshop Express in beta.

Although they are hoping that "...some customers will move from it to boxed software like its $99 Photoshop Elements or to a subscription-based version of Express that's in the works," I doubt there will be very much of the former option if they have the latter option available. If I liked editing photos online (and I might), then why would I take two steps back into a client-based thingy? I'd be thinking, "I like this photo-editing online but I need more functions... Hey! What's this?" and they will have got me.

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