Thursday, 3 April 2008

I call it a "wheel"...

Reading "moving from the ivory tower to the community" by Margo Fryer from the October 2007 "Academic Matters"...

This is an interesting article about UBC's "Learning Exchange" - a facility with free computer resources and Internet access for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. As I was reading their description of it:
The... patrons are a diverse mix - former resource industry workers whose bodies gave out after years of hard labour, Aboriginal youth wanting to upgrade their education, women with babies needing adult company, immigrants who are participating in our ESL program, substance users trying to stay clean, and homeless people looking for refuge. One any given day, there will be people ... who have been coming there almost every day for years and others who have come for the first time.
...I thought, "My god. They've invented the PUBLIC LIBRARY!"

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