Sunday, 15 February 2009

25 random things? I think not...

Want to Know More About Me? Here are ‘25 Random Things.’ -

So I'm seeing this "here's 25 random things about me that you didn't know" or didn't want to know or something. Sure that sounds interesting for some of the people I read the blogs of... It's always nice to know a little more about the people in your life. As I age I find out more and more about my own parents for criminies' sake! (Not all that I wanted to either.)

So I consider including this little literary meme for my own blogging purposes and guess what? I can't think of 25 things. Or maybe I can and I don't really want to. A random list of things I've done, things I've bought, things I've thought? I don't know if I'm that interesting really? LOL Here's what I can think of right now:

  • When we were young, I "taught" my little brother the Martian alphabet by just making up random sounds.
  • In university, there was an empty field that I walked through between campus and home. One winter day I decided to create a path by walking in the same line (between two easily recognizable landmarks) every single time, there and back. After a while, everyone used my path and it's probably well-beaten to this day.
  • I met my wife on the Internet! Ooooooooo...
And that's all I've got. For now. Maybe something will come to me at a later date... then I'll blog about it then, making a whole entry about it perhaps. What about you? Have you got a random thing or two to share?

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