Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Golden Mean is too cruel.

I really like design: graphics, Photoshop, colours, photography, creating brochures, laying out web pages... that kind of thing. I'm no artist, I don't think; although I am not afraid to quickly sketch out an idea I have, suggesting broad ideas of layout and weights, I can't draw a horse to save my ass (even if I had a donkey of any kind). And my faces are quite scary... interesting, I think, but not realistic.

I keep the possibility of getting a degree or even just taking a course in graphic design, but what I need specifically, is not the physical ability to draw (don't need it), or the knowledge of the tools (already got it or can get it myself), or even the intuition of what works and what does (I think I`ve got that)... What I need is the theory, the tips, the tricks, the ratios of space to negative space, the guidelines as to how to use colour to achieve a certain effect. I`ve looked around for top-ten lists and tutorials for this kind of information and I occasionally find tidbits of such here and there, but there does not seem to be a nice practical compilation of such. (Tell me if I`ve missed a gem out there.) Perhaps contact with a professional in an educational setting would provide that, or even just the community of those interested enough to develop their skills in this area would help me find such recommended practices.

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