Thursday, 26 March 2009

There is more to life that sports.

I'm going to reveal myself as not a "true man" but I do not like sports. I don't memorize stats, I don't monopolize the TV on Super Bowl Sunday, I don't care who got traded to where, and I didn't catch the game last night! Gawd! lol I know... And, coupled with the fact that I'm not that fond of beer, you're probably all asking yourself how I know I'm a man? Well I do like breasts and I like holding the remote, so I'm either a man, or a lesbian with control issues. lol

But, even with my bias against sports, I think it's reasonable for my objection to the classification of sports "news" as news. Sports information, regardless of what point we're at in the season is NOT news. Everytime I listen to CBC radio in the morning, the information that I like to hear and learn about is regularly being interrupted by sports details! A sport is a game. Nothing more. It is not going to affect your life unless you are on the team or have wagered money on the outcome of one. A game. That's all. What about other games-related news? Why don't they tell me how Jeb and Al did in their checker game on the porch last night? Or how the raid on Orgrimar went down on Earthen Ring? (World of Warcraft reference.) Or how Parker Bros. is changing the game of Monopoly? (Ok, that last one may have investment relevance.)

I wouldn't mind as much if they had other "news" on as much. Tell me about the new movies released or new albums recorded as often as how the Leafs did, and I'll shut up. But no. Entertainment news covers the whole of the entertainment world EXCEPT sports entertainment. That's what sports is. Entertainment. Unless you're a player. Then it's exercise.

But I'm probably all alone in this. Even the female librarians (that's almost redundant) talk more about sports than I do, so they probably have no problem with sports as news. Bah!

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