Friday, 29 May 2009

Conference a'comin'

This was the last work day before flying out to Winnipeg for the CHLA/ABSC 2009 conference. This is an important one for a couple reasons: (1) I'm looking for a new job so it'll be good to do a little networking, chatting with people, asking around, letting myself be seen (I hate shmoozing but it is helpful so I do what has to be done) and (2) I'm helping host next year's conference in Kingston, so I'd like to help out as much as possible promoting it at this year's conference.

I'm the chair of the Publicity Committee for CHLA/ABSC 2010 and also the webmaster so I've been pretty busy already getting things ready as much as possible. I know
we've all done a lot of work and organizing and everything but I always feel as though I could have done something more, something else to make things even better. I know, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (non-clinical diagnosis there) but I'm getting better. lol

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