Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Move all done!

Haven't posted in a while for one primary reason: I've been looking for a new job, found one and moved to Thunder Bay! Whew!

Although the move is technically completed the new (town)house is still filled with boxes to unpack and sort out. (The kids have build a fort out of them in the living room... I should post a picture of that... lol) We don't even have internet access at home yet so I have to make do with the occasional dribs and drabs at work between actual WORK. Speaking of which, I've settled into my new job (on my 6th day here) and am excited about my new responsibilities and projects! (Yeah, I'm a dork.)

Thunder Bay, although cold (had to shovel the driveway already last Tuesday), is really nice. There are plenty of walking paths, places to play for the kids, and it's easy to get around town. I think we'll like it here.

Have you recently moved? How did it go? Or are you happy where you are and don't plan to live anywhere else?

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