Thursday, 14 January 2010

Catalog2Delicious widget idea

I've had the item "Consider how to contibute to the organization of global goods (primarily information)." in my RTM to do list for quite a while but I keep postponing it, not knowing exactly how to accomplish such a task. Some of the more popular ways the general public find information (such as checking Google or asking their friends) don't really allow for such outside assistance. The creation of a new tool or method wouldn't really help unless it somehow fits into what they're using already.

One area of possibility is through the use of I like and I think, despite the fact that the majority of people don't use it directly, let alone know what it is, that it is such a valuable storehouse of "tags" (along with other similar tools) and therefore metadata that could support future/behind-the-scenes organization of information, that it might be a good place to focus my efforts. Then I was thinking about how libraries and librarians use delicious: not very much. But how COULD we?

Not wanting to redo all the work that is put into the catalog, perhaps what could be created is a plug-in that automatically creates and updates a bookmark that corresponds to each record in the catalog (and vice versa) so that the work is only done once but the content reaps the benefits of being both controlled within the catalog and "out there for the world to see" in

I don't have the programming expertise to develop something (yet) but perhaps someone out there does? I give this idea away into the public domain... Have at it!

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