Monday, 24 January 2011

Librarian as rejuvenator

Sometimes librarians, by doing their job as it is supposed to be done, can bring life back into an institution.
In the late 1940s, Nichols Library lagged woefully behind the times. The book budget didn’t go very far, the place shut down every Wednesday and calling to make an inquiry was impossible because the building had no telephone.

That all changed when Miriam Fry took over as head librarian. With longtime friend and colleague Katherine Finkbeiner, they brought the facility into the 20th century.


“She was always so proud of the fact that the library in Naperville was consistently voted the best library in America,”

You go!

[ From "Ex-librarian helped modernize Nichols" from Naperville Sun ]

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Melanie said...

Interesting how she hired the first professional librarians... do you know how long ago it became common practice to require a library degree for some positions? Was that common anywhere else at the time?