Monday, 24 January 2011

Obama 2.0

Came across a reference to "Obama 2.0", the 2.0 of which, in this very anti-Obama piece, seems to mean reinvention in a very manipulative way.
Barack Obama has begun yet another process of reinvention on the road to reelection.

Will he succeed in bamboozling voters once again?


He may be cold-blooded, but he is a chameleon who can change the way people perceive him.


A clue to Obama's ability and willingness to adapt can be found in the words of his book Dreams from My Father. There he mentioned only one book, Malcolm X's autobiography, and wrote that Malcolm X's "repeated acts of self-creation spoke to me." Therein lies the clue to Obama's plan to rebrand his own image. A man who can fake a Southern accent, the story of how his father came to America, and the story of his parents' being inspired by the Civil Rights march in Selma to conceive him has no problem morphing for political purposes.

We are about to watch the extreme makeover of Barack Obama in real time.

It doesn't seem like a swipe at "2.0" itself but rather an attack on a politician playing to his audience. (So, for a supposed political news writer, Mr. Lasky seems awfully naive. That's what politics is, isn't it?)

[ From "Obama 2.0: The Reinvention Begins" from American Thinker ]

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Hanny said...

I dislike how nasty everybody feels they need to be about politicians they don't agree with. A lot of liberals did the same to President Bush. It's a free democracy. Be glad we have it.