Monday, 4 July 2011

Bubble 2.0, that's ok

Just read Here Comes Bubble 2.0, Which Is Just What The Economy Needs, another article about the second bubble since the Dot com bubble. But unlike most that I've read, this is relatively positive about the affair. It will stimulate the economy, if only in the U.S. Silicon Valley at first, but that should spread. And it won't be a bad when it pops. Hopefully the value it brings will last.

I'm not an expert in economics or business so I'm never sure what these "bubbles" are exactly beyond economic upswings. I guess large systems like economics are often seen as coming in cycles, even if the cycles aren't exactly cyclical, symmetrical, or predictable. But it interests me to see the acceptance of purely technological, and some would say frivolous, endeavours in the economy and in society in such a large scale. It suggests to me, perhaps obviously, that we are truly becoming an information-based society, at least in part. But how will this manifest itself? Will we learn to use information and the tools that we use to manage information better? More wisely? More effectively? Or will we simply play more games and transfer a lot of the stupid mindless things that we do over to the new techno-platform? I'm not saying games and whatnot are useless. I just wish that there was some sign that the general public was getting the idea that reading, learning, preserving, thinking, and creativity are all even more important in an information-filled world than ever before. Stop being sucked in by nicely packaged lies, stop jumping to conclusions because it's easier, and stop dismissing the exact things that are supposed to be helping us: schools, libraries, research, etc.

[ Inspired by Here Comes Bubble 2.0, Which Is Just What The Economy Needs from Forbes ]

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