Thursday, 18 August 2011

2.0 hits the Shore

"Soaps 2.0"? It caused me psychological pain to read through the entire article "Soaps 2.0: MTV's New WatchWith App Enables Your "Jersey Shore" Addiction On A Second Screen". It was mostly industry talk so it wasn't as bad as the title suggests.

In fact, there was an interesting "2.0" aspect to it. I'm not used to reading of Jersey Shore et al described as "soaps" but there were two things that seemed to have contributed to the use of the phrase. It talks about the "'second screen experience,' an industry term used to describe the smartphones and tablets people turn to alongside TV". So it's a reference to the use of technology, and mobile technology in particular, in the context of these shows. Then it adds the engagement aspect of it when it talks of "[MTV's] WatchWith and VH1's Co-star app, fun, interactive platforms that enable viewers to engage with each other during live broadcasts."

Oh, and sorry for the title. Just try to imagine giving the Shore a couple left hooks of your own.

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