Sunday, 28 August 2011

Do I want to be more mobilized?


And that's just part of this infographic. (Click here to go to the original post with the full mile-high image.) I am one of the workers that don't NEED to be in the office to be productive, but I still prefer it. My office is nice. I have two monitors, a second computer (so really three monitors, I guess) and a printer. Ok, so I have all those things at home (although I could use more monitors around the house) but the most important thing I have at work is quiet. I can shut my door and work until my head explodes with productivity. I like quiet. And I don't get enough of it at home, even with the kids out and about. I am easily distracted when at home so working at work is best.

The next best thing is the fact that I have my colleagues and coworkers around me. Although I work mostly alone, I do need to consult with some one now and again and it's just better in person. The truth is that I don't really enjoy talking on the phone. Text-based communication is good but inefficient for many productive topics so that leaves in person conversations. Nothing beats it.

However, I am feeling a little left out. I don't really have a mobile device: no cell phone (Skype fits my communication needs almost 100% and my wallet perfectly) and no tablet (although I like the shiny, I have not felt the need and again, my bank balance dictates my gadget balance). I have yet to hear of the perfect device although smartphones are getting close. I want something smallish, flexible, powerful, online... "But Mr 2.0! What about..." and cheap. I already pay enough monthly bills. I would like something a little less leech-like.

And of course, I haven't really done the in-depth research so perhaps there's an option out there that would fit my bill perfectly... Anyone? But honestly, I have yet to feel the motivation to bother. I like the connectiveness I have. At work, at home, nary in between, with some potential on the go. The only reason I feel to bother with plugging into something else is to experience that part of social togetherness. The infographic that started this certainly helps. But it's not strong enough yet. Anyone want to nudge me a little more?

[ The Rise of the Mobile Workforce [Infographic] from Information on the Move ]

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