Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Little Fool"

Foolish little thoughts,
Rolling in my head.
Thoughts of you and I,
Despite what we have said.

Foolish little feelings,
Burning through my heart.
Feelings I have for you
Every moment we're apart.

Foolish little plans,
For things that we could do.
Like taking in a movie,
Or walks around the zoo.

Foolish little daydreams,
Plays plucked out of time.
Our future lives look bright to me,
Together, partners in crime.

Foolish little memories,
Selecting piece by piece.
This mystery plot will be solved yet,
Adventures never cease.

Foolish little images,
I see them in my mind.
A reflection of my love I seek,
But yours I'll never find.

[ Written by me just now. ]